Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are you Loving Forever 21's "plus size" line?

Hello Ladies! I just wanted to check in with you guys to see if you all are enjoying f21's "plus size" (smh at them only going to size 2x!) line? I was really excited about this line initially but after seeing the sizing and the items, that excitement faded quickly! I wear a size 18-20, so I think I may be able to wear the 2x, but my local f21 doesn't carry the line so I want be trying the clothes anytime soon! Especially since there return policy only consist of getting a store credit!

Here are a few of my picks!

So tell me, what do you ladies think about f21 faith 21 line? I'm not overjoyed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Torrid, Asos, Ninewest and Mac Haul

Hey Fashionistas! I recently purchased a few items from Asos, Torrid, and Mac cosmetics! The items I purchased from Asos were really cheap because I wanted to try out their merchandise and being that they are located in the UK i didn't want to be out of a lot of money if things didn't work out ;) However the items were good! So I'll be buying more Yayy!


These are the Ninewest Voula! These are soo cute, but I haven't decided how I want to wear them just yet :(

Asos items:

I really like the black mesh on the sleeves!
This shirt is just something to throw on. I think I'm going to wear it with some white jeans that were DIY. (I made them really rugged and put holes in them!)This shirt is really big! So I may wear it with liquid leggings, but Idk what do you ladies think?

Torrid: This dress fits me really good, but it's soooo plain! I'll have to think of something to jazz it up a little. Do you ladies have any suggestions? Leave comments ;)

Mac brushes:
The mac 187 is a stippling brush that is supposed to give foundation and airbrushed look, but it leaves a few streaks in my opinion.

The mac 219 is excellent for smoking out the lower lash line and also applying color (pigments/eyeshadow) to the lower lash line. Love it!
The mac 227 is a big fluffy eyeshadow brush. I use this brush mostly for my brow highlight and I love it for that purpose, but I've recently started using it on those "dash out the door" days. I apply a neutral color with 1 swipe of the 227 and it gets the job done!

The mac 239 is a flat eyeshadow shader brush with densely packed bristles. It is excellent for packing the color on your lid, not to mention it is suuuuuppper soft!

The mac 109 is a small foundation brush that is supposed to give you an airbrushed look as well, and it does just that! I put on liquid foundation with this brush and it was FLAWLESS! It just buffs the foundation out to perfection! However, I recently learned that my skin doesn't like liquid foundation so I use it to apply my Studio Fix Powder and it's great, but I have to warn you, this brush gives you full coverage when you apply a powder! So I definitely wouldn't use this as a blush brush, but to each her own ;)

I hope you ladies see somethings you like! And don't forget to leave comments and questions if you have any! I love getting feedback from you fashionistas! Smooches