Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are you Loving Forever 21's "plus size" line?

Hello Ladies! I just wanted to check in with you guys to see if you all are enjoying f21's "plus size" (smh at them only going to size 2x!) line? I was really excited about this line initially but after seeing the sizing and the items, that excitement faded quickly! I wear a size 18-20, so I think I may be able to wear the 2x, but my local f21 doesn't carry the line so I want be trying the clothes anytime soon! Especially since there return policy only consist of getting a store credit!

Here are a few of my picks!

So tell me, what do you ladies think about f21 faith 21 line? I'm not overjoyed!


  1. i was excited when i saw that black ruffled skirt online, but in person the material was sooo cheap it wasn't even worth $20, and the floral dress has been super sold out so they couldn't even ship it from another store. at first i felt a certain obligation to buy so they'd continue and maybe the line would improve. then i came to my senses and walked away from the substandard stuff.

  2. I know what you mean by feeling obligated to buy! They don't even carry the plus size line in my state but I was hoping a lot of ppl would buy so they would start selling in more areas! I could just about imagine the bad quality of the selections. I still haven't purchased anything from the line because I'm too afraid it won't fit. Did you buy anything? I'm still curious about the sizing! Thanks for visiting my blog!;)

  3. I looked at the faith21 stuff and was as underwhelmed as I usually am when I walk into Forever21, but I was plesantly surprised at the offerings at Wet Seal. They go up to a 3X. I recently got the asymmetrical cropped moto "jacket." Extremely cute, but don't think it will do any of the actual "guarding you from the cold" that one would expect a jacket to do. But otherwise I love it and the tags have come off. Love your blog. Keep it up!