Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Torrid, Asos, Ninewest and Mac Haul

Hey Fashionistas! I recently purchased a few items from Asos, Torrid, and Mac cosmetics! The items I purchased from Asos were really cheap because I wanted to try out their merchandise and being that they are located in the UK i didn't want to be out of a lot of money if things didn't work out ;) However the items were good! So I'll be buying more Yayy!


These are the Ninewest Voula! These are soo cute, but I haven't decided how I want to wear them just yet :(

Asos items:

I really like the black mesh on the sleeves!
This shirt is just something to throw on. I think I'm going to wear it with some white jeans that were DIY. (I made them really rugged and put holes in them!)This shirt is really big! So I may wear it with liquid leggings, but Idk what do you ladies think?

Torrid: This dress fits me really good, but it's soooo plain! I'll have to think of something to jazz it up a little. Do you ladies have any suggestions? Leave comments ;)

Mac brushes:
The mac 187 is a stippling brush that is supposed to give foundation and airbrushed look, but it leaves a few streaks in my opinion.

The mac 219 is excellent for smoking out the lower lash line and also applying color (pigments/eyeshadow) to the lower lash line. Love it!
The mac 227 is a big fluffy eyeshadow brush. I use this brush mostly for my brow highlight and I love it for that purpose, but I've recently started using it on those "dash out the door" days. I apply a neutral color with 1 swipe of the 227 and it gets the job done!

The mac 239 is a flat eyeshadow shader brush with densely packed bristles. It is excellent for packing the color on your lid, not to mention it is suuuuuppper soft!

The mac 109 is a small foundation brush that is supposed to give you an airbrushed look as well, and it does just that! I put on liquid foundation with this brush and it was FLAWLESS! It just buffs the foundation out to perfection! However, I recently learned that my skin doesn't like liquid foundation so I use it to apply my Studio Fix Powder and it's great, but I have to warn you, this brush gives you full coverage when you apply a powder! So I definitely wouldn't use this as a blush brush, but to each her own ;)

I hope you ladies see somethings you like! And don't forget to leave comments and questions if you have any! I love getting feedback from you fashionistas! Smooches


  1. I've just reached your blog and OMG!!!!!!!!
    You are just gorgeous! I want to look like you!
    You have the pettiest face and your outfit just rock!
    Nice to meet you! I will be back!!
    xxx from France :-)

  2. Aww Thank you sweetie! I'm glad you like my blog!

  3. what size are you in asos cuz im a 17/18 in american sizes and i had a hard time finding or understanding which is my size :) thanks

  4. I got a UK 20 which was the biggest size just to make sure, however I could have probably went down a size because the Tan shirt listed in blog was waaaaayyyy tooo big! So big that I can't figure out how to wear it.HTH