Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Am in LOVE with Balmain Jackets!!

All the Stylish Celebs from Beyonce to Rihannna to Vickie Beckham have been spotted sporting these "structured/massive shoulder padded" jackets from Balmain's Spring '09 collection! I am absolutely in LOVE with this Trend! I need one in my life like ASAP!! Being that these Jackets go for about $11K, obviously I will not be able to scrape up the coin to buy a true Balmain on a "sit-at-home" salary LOL, so I may just have to do a DIY project to achieve this HAUTE LOOK!!

So what do you Fashionistas think about the Balmain Jackets?? Leave your feedback! Smooches


  1. Bey and Becks look either too Michael Jackson or I dunno, Disney villainish for me. But Rihanna's denim one is just right, a little marching band, a little rock n roll.

  2. LOL that's funny because i feel like Bey's and Vickie's look more everyday and wearable. But then again the marching band one that Rhi Rhi is wearing is cute too! AHHH i just can't help it, I'm in love with the structured shoulders LOL. I think the Michael Jackson-esque of them all does it for me LOL