Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Night out with the Compadres!

Hey guys!! Just thought I would post a few pics! I have not been able to find my contacts for the past 2 weeks!! So I was forced to wear my eyeglasses! Ugh I hate wearing my glasses! But since i FINALLY, found my contacts I decided I would go out with my friends! We went to two lounges/clubs: Fuse and Atlantis! What did you all do this past weekend??

Neckalce: F21, Black Tank: Target, Vest: LB, Jeans: Saks outlet


  1. wahoo! I love your hair! The make up, the outfit, and OMG that necklace!!!
    I went to wedding last weekend and posted the pictures on my blog ;-)

  2. Thank you!! This is one of my Fav necklaces!! It glams up a regular tank and jeans! Love it!