Monday, August 17, 2009

Make Me over!!

Hello Bellas! I have recieved quite a few comments about my makeup and how I apply my eyeshadows so here is a vid of an eyeshadow look I created using Mac's Rated R eyeshadow from their new Starflash collection. I hope you enjoy!

Products used: (All MAC products unless stated otherwise)
Eyes:Rated R e/s- Lid, Tempting e/s-Inner Crease, Saddle e/s-Blending crease color, Top Hat e/s-Outer Crease and outer V, Loreal Hip Brazen (dark brown side) e/s-Outer V
Face:Studio Fix Liquid-NW45, Studio Finish Concealer-NW45
Lips:Cork Lip LinerFreckle Tone L/S, Love Nectar L/g

Let me know what you think!


  1. B, you did an excellent job! I'm going to try this on the weekend. Question - I'm a similiar complexion, but with less red in my skin - will that concealer still work for me as a highlighter, do you think? I love the look of a little highlighter just under the brow but am never sure what color to use.

    Good video and greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey girl!! Thank you! I think you should be able to use the concealer as a highlight and it would still give you the same effect because it's a few shades lighter than my skin tone. But if you plan on purchasing it from MAC tell them that you want to use the concealer as a brow highlight and they will tell you their opinion. I used NW 35. Don't be a stranger ;)

  3. Hi B, you are gorgeous! Although it looks great on you, this particular style is a bit too...'flamboyent' for me (although it looks adorable on you). Since I admire your style would you be able to show the application of something a little more subdued and something that doesn't take as long? (I am a bit lazy and broke to afford all those brushes!)Thanks for your help!

  4. Hey LieralGemini! Of course i can! I will do a more neutral look. Which colors would you like for me to use? Also keep in mind that it appears to take longer to apply makeup on vids because I am talking while applying the make up. I can do a look just using 1 or 2 brushes if you like, just let me know. Btw also check me out on Youtube (trendsettingbrit) because that is where i post all my makeup vids. Thank you for stopping by girl!! ;)

  5. Girl you are so pretty! I saw you featured at YFF and had to check you out! I love playing around with makeup, and it was great watching your vid and getting some new ideas. :)

  6. Thank you Emily!! I'm glad you like my vid, there will be more to come! ;)

  7. Hey, not so sure about colors. I guess something appropriate for going to work.

    Browns and gold and pinks (on the lips).


  8. @Literal Gemini

    Ok I will play around with a few looks and put a vid up ASAP!!


  9. omg you are so CUTE. And I love love love your American accent with that little hint of southern charm. So unbelievably adorable.

  10. @Melissa! LOL Aww Thank you so much!!!