Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Back!!!!! Plus Goodies from Jen's Closet!!

Hey ladies!! I know it's been forever!! I have been so busy with work that all I do is work and sleep!! Also being that I work in a BUSY office, I have not been very motivated to dress cute, so trust me, you haven't missed much LOL. On to the goodies!!

I was so grateful to receive some cute clothes from Jen's Fashoion Plus! She sent me over a few dresses and I love each one of them!! Jen was very sweet and got the items to me super fast!!

Since it was a little warmer here in my city I was able to wear one of the dresses to work today!! This is the cutest babydoll style dress and very work/church appropriate! Especially if layered with a cute cardigan which is what I did. (cardigan not pictured)

I paired the dress with some cute round toe black pumps and a Black bow headband.

Simple and cute=Perfect for the workplace ;0)

I apologize for my absence but I hopefully I can come back full force now that I have gotten acclamated to my work schedule!

Also, check out The YFF where Gabi is hosting a Giveway featuring Jen's Fashion Plus! You'll have the chance to win one of Jen's cute/stylish items for FREE!! And who doesn't love Free? ;0)


  1. Yay! I just discovered your blog the other day only to find out that you hadn't made a post in quite a while. Glad you're back!

  2. Omg, I was just lusting after this dress earlier today. It looks super cute on you!

  3. I still love you style! You are so cute and I missed you so much!!! xxx

  4. Hey girl!!!
    This dress looks great on you.I also loved your b'day pics,hope u had a good time.

    I've just started a lil blog of my own,please check it out. It's not as great as yours but I'd appreciated if you took the time to stop by.

    Have a great week

  5. that dress looks fantastic on you!

  6. @phatlanddiaries Thank you so much! And I had a blast on my bday!! I will more than happy to check out your blog ;0)

  7. You look so cute.I love your dress and your style

  8. I have this dress too! It looks great on you!

  9. Thank you ladies!!! I will have more clothing pics later ;0)