Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Additions: Style Your Blogger

First off complete shame on me for not doing a post in over 2 months!!! #wheredeydoindatat

I wanted to post an OOTD but i can not find my camera for the life of me! Guess that will be my next purchase SMH! Any-who, since I can't take any pictures I thought I would show you a few of the items I have added to my closet in the last month.
Evans Belted Harem Pants
DSW Black Sandals

Evans Sequin Trim Vest
ASOS Curve Strapless Dress

Rachel Roy Cardigan

Rachel Roy Fringe Tunic

So here is YOUR chance to "Style Your Blogger"! Give me your thoughts/suggestions on how I should style these items in the comment sections! You have to tell me everything down to the accessories!

I'm excited to see your ideas ;0)

Can't wait to show you these items in pics!!

Also stay tuned for a review from


  1. Gosh, and I feel bad when I haven't done a post for 2 days! haha shame on you for going MIA on us! lol :-P

    Ahhh lemme look at the items some more and maybe I'll style you hehe I loooooooooove your pics! That last tunic, beautiful!

  2. welcome back hun! ok heres my take on that evans vest .... wat about:

    -striped top
    -evans vest
    -skinny jeans
    -black pearls
    -black booties

    no? or:

    white chiffon-like dress over the vest? and oxfords ...

    cant wait to see wat u decide to do with these items!

  3. I adore that ASOS dress! :)

  4. Okay... I am not good at writing really long comments unless I am angry. And since the above items do not make me angry... I will just say... I love all the pieces... included some pieces that aren't included in the point of your post (such as those camel strap wedges). But I day... they are all versatile pieces...
    Rachel Roy Cardian: will be great with any solid colored dress or legging/tunic set.
    DSW sandals: great with just about everything...

    Good luck on styling them up!!!

  5. @BBM Great ideas!!! I'll show you what i decide! Never would have though about wearing the vest underneath a dress! Kudos!

  6. @QueenDiva Thank you!! I'm sorry my items made you angry LOL. Great ideas!

  7. I am loving all of your comments and ideas! Keep them coming!

  8. @Nikstar Omg! I know!! You are very consistent and i love it!! *holds head in shame* LOL. You need to come style me!!!! ;0)

  9. *Shrieks* I need that Rachel Roy Cardigan!! Where did u get it?? I need to start blogging again...

  10. @Timah I get all of my Rachel Roy items at Macy's. Thanks for commenting girl!

  11. hmmmm,firstly I love that whole Rachel Roy look with the cardigan, I wouldn't change a thing about that.

    The evans vest, I would wear it with either a strapless or sleevless bodycon dress (maybe in navy)with some killer heels or some cute flats for a more casual look.

  12. @FollyB Great Idea!! I love the idea of the bodycon dress with that vest! Thank you!!