Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make it WORK

Hey Ladies!! I know it's been FOREVER! But i'm back!

I wanted to show you guys this dress I found on clearance at Target for 3.99! This dress was definitely NOT love at first site, a little too "Little House on the Prairie-ish" for my taste, however anyone who knows me, knows that I CAN NOT pass up a sale! And at 3.99, as Tim Gunn (project runway) would say "Make it work!" So I did :0)

Work: I paired the dress with a studded belt and platform sandals (YSL Tribute Knockoff)

Play: For a more casual look I pair the dress with a Denim Cropped Jacket, the same studded belt and chain/diamond embellished sandals.

Dress: Target
Belt: Evans
Jacket: LaneBryant (Circa de 2003 LOL)
"YSL Tribute" Knockoff: DSW
Embellished Flat Sandals/Pyramid Stud Bangle: Cherry Bomb


  1. girrrrl i am exactly the same! i can't pass up aaanything under 5 bucks lolz well u kno, of a useful nature... useful enough... hahaha anyways... i love how u "made it work" (tim gunn is the MAN!)... the studded belt with both shoes looks awesome! great twist u put on the country bumpkin dress :P

    - Iza

  2. @TheEyzuh LOL Thank you so much! I Love the "country bumpkin" term!

  3. great to see you back ms. thannggg! love this spring/summer outfit!

  4. @BBM Thank you!! I'm glad to be back now if I can just keep this up LOL