Sunday, June 6, 2010

Florals and Studs

Hey ladies!! I have another outfit post! Can you believe it? LOL. This is another "Make it Work" Post. The floral shorts worn in this post is actually a floral tube romper that I converted into shorts! I love them! So comfy, easy and Cute!

I have also been getting so many compliments on these sandals lately! I was stopped by 5 ppl at the mall yesterday! They are my new faves!

Click photos to make bigger

Tank: Target
"Shorts": Target
Belt: Torrid
Bangles: Random places
Shoes: Cherry Bomb
Glasses: Studio 615
Handbag: LV

I hope you like! Let me know what you think!!

PS. This is my second time wearing these shorts, the first was more dressed up and I plan on recreating that look for you guys. Stay tuned ;0)


  1. You look so good. I love the skirt.

  2. so cute! loving all the fat girls rocking floral shorts :)

  3. Yes I like this outfit!
    And above all, that's good to read your posts again!! Lovely!

  4. Thanks ladies!! I love them!! I want more Haha!!

  5. I love your sandals too. I saw similar ones in rugged wearhouse, but in brown, however, I couldn't find it in my size. I've found plenty of similar ones online, but at a very high price.

  6. @FinallyAcceptingAllofME Thank you!! Yea i've seen alot of similar ones as well, but none caught my eye like the ones from shi. I did however pay about 50 bucks for them, which is expensive to me for sandals! I love them though so its worth it lol

  7. So glad you're back to regular posting! I love your blog :D I love those shorts too, I'm still looking for some like them.

  8. @stephanie thank you!! Get creative like i did! I got that romper from target and wore it as shorts! I make them as short or as long as i want! Love them ;0)

  9. I really love the way you look, especially the floral shorts!

  10. @dc Thank you!! I love your blog as well!

  11. hi honey! I followed your blog from Stylish Curve's feature on you! I think you're wonderful! Feel free to check out mine! I think I will enjoy following you!