Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dark Fantasy

Leather Blazer: Michael Kors
Tank: Target
Leggings: INC
Boots: F21
Braclets/ Watch: Betsey Johnson

I have been listening to nothing but the Kanye album all week, hence the post title ;0)

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  1. u look amazing girl! just stunning! love the theme..all black everythang!

  2. I love it. You know you had a whole bunch of us anticipating your next fab outfit with bated breath lol. Off to follow you on tumblr.

    Keep it Fabulous!!

  3. looking fab as always. i am a lover of the all black look great post :)

  4. Love! Love! Love, the outfit! I am laughing, because I just did a post about wearing all black (black is my favorite color), all the time, and trying to add some color to my wardrobe. This post just reinforces my love of the color black.

  5. Totally fabulous! The leather suits you so well!

  6. the leather blazer is so fabulous! love all black everything <3

  7. LOVE this! That blazer is a MUST have. Did you get it recently? How did I miss that piece?!?! You're inspiring me to start blogging again! SOON come.

  8. Thanks for all the comments ladies!!

    @Timah Girl i got this blazer last year but I wasn't feeling it until now. I got it on sale at Macys. I'm glad you like it doll!

  9. You are very pretty and have nice style!!!
    I see you are a neighbor :) (spotted that guitar in a post below!)
    My backyard is in Tn.! nope, not the front...