Friday, January 7, 2011

Sheer Blouses

I have been really loving the sheer blouses by American Apparel. They are so chic and simple! You can dress them up or down and I love versatility in clothing! I love the way Delmy of Fashion Bananas styled her blouse!

I have found a plus size version of the American Apparel button down at Asos. It doesn't have the pockets on the front but it is a good alternative!

Are you ladies into the sheer blouses?


  1. ermmm...i dunno if i like his trend just yet, it is cute but we'll see. i guess its all about how you rock it

  2. I am totally into sheer blouses. I have a couple I got like a good 3/4 years ago. Still in heavy rotation.

    Nice blog. Visit mine whenever you get the chance.

  3. I like it! That Sheer Top is an eccentric, quirky stylish look.