Monday, July 18, 2011

"I would NEVER show my arms!"

Hey Guys!! I know it has been a while. If you follow me on Tumblr, you would know that I was on Vacation in Florida for about a week, which is one of the reasons I haven't posted anything. I hope everyone is doing well!

This is going to be a different kind of post. No pictures, No outfit, No shoes, just words. I have received several emails from my readers commending me on wearing sleeveless tops and showing off my arms. So many have asked me how I've become so comfortable with wearing sleeveless tops and dresses and to be honest, I just stopped caring what other people thought.

There was a time that I was a little uncomfortable with my arms (they were a lot smaller back then too lol) but it wasn't necessarily because of how I felt, it was the people (my cousin, mainly, who is also plus size) around me saying "Aren't you going to throw a cardigan over that?", "You should probably wear a blazer over that shirt", etc. However, once I became comfortable with how I looked, I realized that If I thought It looked fine, why would I need to "cover up" just because someone else thought I should? Not to mention, who wants to wear a HOT Black Cardigan in the summer time? I know I don't, and it looks ridiculous if you ask me.

You definitely have to be comfortable with yourself and your body to pull off the clothing that you want to wear, if not you will limit yourself in so many ways! I don't think I have the best arms in the world, but because I don't limit myself to only short and long sleeve shirts, people see my confidence and they commend me for that. Confidence is key.

So all in all, there is no magic anything that is going to make you feel comfortable with showing off your arms, legs, tummy, etc. There is nothing that I or anyone else can tell you to make that happen. Of course I am happy that I and other plus size bloggers can encourage you to take more risk with fashion and put aside some of the negative things that society has to say about your body, but you have to come to a point where you STOP CARING WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOUR BODY. If you think you look fine with showing your arms, do it. If you like the way your legs look, wear a skirt/dress or shorts. Do what makes you feel comfortable and what you like!

Just remember, "Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality."

I hope this was a little helpful :)

Leave your comments and questions! I would love to know what you all think about this topic, also share your stories. You never know who you can inspire!