Monday, August 29, 2011

Ready For Fall: Stripes and Leopard Print

Hey guys! Fall is vastly approaching and I am so ready for it! I decided to revisit the trend of mixing prints and realized that this outfit is perfect for fall, well at least the color scheme is! Add a long sleeve stripe top or a safari jacket instead of the vest shown, and you will be fall ready! The red lips just gives it that extra pop!

I wore this casual look to a going away dinner for a friend of mine. It was perfect: Comfortable, Stylish and appropriate for the windy weather we had (probably due to hurricane Irene that hit the east coast. I hope all of my readers are safe and sound!)

Do you mix prints? What are your favorite prints to mix? I'd love to hear your ideas!

I hope you enjoyed the look!

Safari Vest/Stripe shirt: Oldnavy
Leather Insert Leggings: Gifted from City Chic
Leopard Pumps: VS
Earrings: F21
Watch: Michael Kors
Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo


  1. Awww cute! I love stripes and I definitely bought 2 safari jackets at Old Navy this spring while they were on sale! I can't wait for the fall! Cute look, girl! :)

  2. Cute outfit! I'm safe and sound over on this end. Not a lot of damage in my neighborhood. Thank goodness.

    I love to mix prints. Polka dots/Stripes, Stripes/Floral, Floral/Floral and Polka Dots/Floral are some of my favorites.

  3. You look so those shoes!

  4. Love the outfit hun!! And those shoes! OMG Im on the vs website looking for them right now! LOVE them.


  5. Love the look.. I love to mix these prints too.. I was looking in a magazine ( not sure off hand which one) but, they mixed plaids and it was soo amazing! I have been thinking about attempting it! Anyhoo.. New follower!

  6. thanks for giving me life once again boo lol

  7. You are incredibly beautiful and I love love love this outfit!!!

  8. LOVE this.

    Old Navy is providing me with a wardrobe right now, they are everything!

    You look beautiful as per usual :)

    -- Franceta

  9. You look so frigging HOT! I love this look. Everything works so well, and you are absolutely chic!

  10. Love the look it's chic and effortless. I have the same VS pumps and I get so many compliments on them. I just wore them to a wedding today!!

  11. You are so beautiful, kisses from brazil

  12. love your styles! you are beautiful :)

  13. i am so loving the vest and top, is this from ON plus or regular women sizes

  14. @thickandsassy Hey hun! Thank you! I got both of them from the regular line. Top was size large and the vest was a XXL

  15. Beautiful and love the vest!

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